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Writer's Notebook



The Writer's Cork Board is a FREE visual outlining tool for writers. It allows writers to utilize virtual index cards to outline their stories by scenes, chapters, acts, etc. It is a highly adaptable tool which offers the writer great flexibility and ease of use. [learn more here]


  • Endless color options

  • Can be moved/positioned anywhere on the board

  • New cards can be created

  • Existing cards can be deleted

  • Two card styles: with or without "pushpin"


  • Different cork board size options

  • Portrait or Landscape orientations

  • Multiple cork boards possible

  • Cork boards can be saved

  • Cork boards can be printed

The Writer's Notebook is a FREE virtual notebook that provides writers with the tools and resources needed to plan, prep, and write their novels. It also serves as a repository for collecting notes, ideas, musings, inspiration, and all the research for your writing project. [Learn more here]


  • Planning & outlining guides

  • Cork Board with index cards

  • Character worksheets

  • Character master list

  • Setting worksheets

  • Chapter summary table

  • Self-editing checklist

  • Submissions tracker

  • Book sales record

  • Research section

  • Random notes section

  • Links to online writing resources

Writer's Corkboard demonstration video

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